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Pure Black Beef Stocks & Broths

Pure Black Beef introduces two new retail products for health conscious folks, paleo cooks, fitness gurus and foodies that take the time and hassle out of creating beef stocks and jus from scratch. 

Everyone knows that grass fed beef is simply better for you so now you can enjoy the goodness – in liquid form!

Pure Black Bone Broth & Beef Stock

Bone Broth 500ml

Slowly cooked for a minimum of 16 hours, this rich and full flavoured bone broth is perfect for use in delicious soups or as a nutritious hot drink – try it in the afternoon when you’re feeling peckish. The Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar give the broth a lifted aroma and palate.


Beef Stock 500ml

A naturally reduced traditional stock to create and enhance soups, stews and sauces. Gluten free, Lactose free, with no thickeners or additives. The result is a clean, brown and gelatinous stock with a rich flavour and velvety texture. It’s the perfect base for creating a delicious finishing sauce or jus. Add some herbs and red wine and cook like a pro!


Like the beef, all the bones used to make our broths and stocks come from Angus cattle that have been raised on pastures their whole lives and have not been fed any hormones or GMO feed.


Silver Medal Sydney Easter ShowCertified Hormone Free Natural BeefCertified Antibiotic Free Natural BeefHW Greenham & Sons and Greenham Tasmania

Certified Hormone Free and Antibiotic Free Natural Beef
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